domingo, 14 de março de 2010 - Postado por Luiza Drumond às 16:04

Amber: I'm very empty.
Benjamin: Why? I'm here with you.
Amber: What is empty for you?
Benjamin: Something hollow, without content.
Amber: No, I'm empty love; I don't know how I can express myself!
Benjamin: That's simple, les’t begin, we'll talk about love. What is love for you?
Amber: Love is something beautiful and kind
Benjamin: No, love is something that you need for your life, it is necessary!
Amber: I Know this love is impossible, 'cause...
Benjamin: Because...?
Amber: My love is yours
Benjamin: How can that be? We're just friends!
Amber: That's the problem, you can't see, I love you more than like a friend, more
than like a brother, but you can't love me back, you have another girl.
Benjamin: How long have you been feeling this?
Amber: In the first date I fell in love with you, you're so kind, so cute to me, so so so... you!
Benjamin: I'm embarrassed now. I'm so silly. How I could not see? You're the best. Look, Can you touch a place in me?
Amber: Where?
Benjamin: My heart. It's the best part of me.