terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2009 - Postado por Luiza Drumond às 09:37
The face of culture saw a new expression-rock and rool!Buit as strong and sturay as the personalities who wore them,the wayfarer revolutionized the way the world saw us.

Shooter ome the following year nd with it, the birth of the classic metals.Sporting even to this day the same iconic circular "cigarette holder", and distinguished brow bar, this model introduced a litle more security and stabiliy into everbody's lives.

Designed to resist th narsin, damaging outdoor tays, thoutdoorsman raised perfomance and reliabiliy to an unprecedentd level and universal sunglass model.

It 1937 was the invention of cool, the 1986 was the year it matured. Drawinf inspiration from previous styles, te clubmaster redefined retro with its simple and sraightforward desing, instantly maliings itselp the official sponsor of culture.